The Region

Enjoying a strong sense of identity, the Middle East and Africa reflect a great diversity of people, languages and cultures.

The world of football nowadays foresees the Middle East and Africa as a strategic and prospective show-ground full of potential as far as quality young footballers are concerned.  

Already in deep need to positioning itself on the global football map as an integrated regional bloc; the Middle East and Africa regions strive to characterize their economic future by building on solid football players transfer base.

SEVENTEEN SPORTS has set agreements with many well-reputed clubs with huge football facilities to start the activities in the MiddleEast and Africa, among these clubs are Arab Contractors Club, Shooting Club (6th of October), El Sheikh Zayed Club in Cairo, Olympia Club in Damietta, Golf Club in Ismailia and Khartoum Club in Sudan and Salmeya Club in Kuwait with tens of clubs in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Bahrain are yet to join soon.