Technical Ability
Primarily each player should be technically skilled at football basics; as an essential requirement for all our academy players to acquire.  

Tactical Awareness
All players will start to develop their understanding of major principles of the game, and they will get well acquainted to their individual role within the team getting them to recognize their role impacts on their team mates and opponents.  

Physical Fitness
To be taken on through high concentration sessions with core stability work incorporated as per the age specific training program; these attributes will become part of their own individual plan which is supplied by professional physical trainers.  

Psychological Aspects
The players should have an attentiveness of the psychological mechanisms essential to achieve success including self-assurance, enthusiasm, and ambitions. They should understand how to act and behave responsibly both on and off the playing field, as this is a must for a professional player.  

Social Skills The players will develop social skills which will formulate them for life within and out of football. All our players will develop outstanding social leadership values within the academy's program. .