Personal Consultancy

We provide suitable housing services for our players, who're having trials in foreign clubs. We ensure they're getting all their needs.
Sponsor contracts
We search for the best sponsor contracts for our players and ensuring they're getting the benefits they need ; in addition to protecting them against wrong moves in their career.
We provide young players with the best needed level of education, to help them reach the level of professionalism required; in order to help them better plan for the future.
Mental Coaching
We well-train our players to manage stress, anxiety and other psychological aspects of the game, so they can excel faster than their peers. They'll be able to show stability and have all the requirements of international clubs
Legal Advisory
We represent players in various legal matters affecting their career, to ensure protecting our players against complex legal problems and always advising them towards the best choices.
Financial Advisory
We make sure that our players are financially protected by focusing on financial and legal risks; working on financial plans to maximize our footballer's wealth.