Performance Consultancy

Seventeen sports provides a quality and in depth program to assist the individual soccer player. Our end goal is to make our client a better player of this beautiful game. What sets us apart, is that even when are working with clubs or teams we are experienced in making it both beneficial not only for the group but the individual as well.
Seventeen sports works on maximizing players' experience, while setting out the plan to move forward which will give us a great insight to our client and his goals.
Seventeen sports' services include football players and clubs management, finding suitable clubs, national and international contract negotiations, transfers, training.
Transfer and contract negotiations
We aid successful players' to sign contracts that suit their needs; our qualified team has the expertise and the diplomacy to get efficient and effective deals that ensure the best contractual terms for all parties concerned.
Career Planning
We offer thorough advice and guidance to our clients which help them make significant career decisions in order to sustain a positive evolution and move forwards professionally during and far beyond their playing career.
Active search for suitable clubs
One of the essential phases of a player's career are his transfers, that is why it is one of our top priorities to ensure our clients a fluid transition between clubs by meeting not just all their professional requirements but also their personal needs.
Talent evaluation system
We monitor the current methods youth coaches and recruiters use to asses and evaluate players, to give our clients all the experience they need to reach their goals and play at the highest levels.
Tactics & Technical Advice
We offer the desired tactical and technical training needed for our players to learn the fundamental skills they need to succeed in clubs with high requirements