Our Business

The striving start of Seventeen Sports was predominantly set to evolve the global competitiveness of sports in the Middle East and Africa; and due to the change in the world of sports that has become an essential component for the next wave of prosperity; Seventeen Sports was motivated by new considerations, inspirations and notions leading the company to aggressively develop its business models to cover the entire spectrum of sport marketing activities.

In promising countries like those of the Middle East and North Africa, Seventeen Sports main mission is to well-serve and support the ever-growing sports sector; presenting encouraging opportunities for investors to take part in one of the world's hottest business spots.

Seventeen Sports' absolute vision is to continue serving as an energetic sports marketing leader providing new themes for sports advancements; in which thousands of parties with shared interests can conduct business out of consistent and reliable marketplace opportunities.

Charting multi-dimensional sports marketing standpoints; Seventeen Sports plans to go forward as the most powerful sourcing platform for investors in pursuit of sports novelties through the most advanced marketing techniques; creating infinite opportunities for them to break-through the sky-high growth of the Middle East and Africa's wealthy sport sectors.

Placing innovations in the spot-light; the strategic and creative concepts adopted by Seventeen Sports being a dynamic multi-purpose professional company is tailored to cover the elevating needs of the wealthy, evolving and dynamic sports sector in the Middle East and Africa.