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About Us

Welcome to the world of professional football within SEVENTEEN SPORTS Marketing and Investments Enterprise.
Football is becoming more than just a game. For many youngsters now football is essential as the air they breathe, simply football now is a "life-style" Read More

Acting as an Agent for Professional Players
Alliance Forming
Management and Development of Youngster Teams.
Management of Sport Facilities
Sport Events Management & Organizations
Sports Consulting
Sports Investments
Training Courses for Football Coaches
Players Marketing
Establishing Player Marketing Strategies
Career Planning and Management
We are keen to provide quality outcomes, excellent service, attractive environment and sensible prices; Seventeen Sports is determined to give customers what they want.
Accordingly; within the concept of "creating the best football environment"; Seventeen Sports exerts the best there is of efforts to build a unique, valuable and professional tailored football experience; an experience that pays for itself.
The vision of SEVENTEEN SPORTS is set specifically to empower the Middle East and Africa's football transfer market competitiveness in Europe; boosting up sustained investment promotion, consultancy, training, research, marketing support and services.
SEVENTEEN SPORTS unblemished mission is built on enriching the Middle East and Africa's diverse football communities by inspiring young players to challenge for greater achievements and better careers.
SEVENTEEN SPORTS supports players to realize and unlock their potential for growth and success through an innovative performance boosting an environment to nurture their career and personal goals.
Our Concept The Vision The Mission


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