About Us

Welcome to the world of professional football within SEVENTEEN SPORTS Marketing and Investments Enterprise.

Football is becoming more than just a game. For many youngsters now football is essential as the air they breathe, simply football now is a "life-style".

Football nowadays has become a real life conception creating massive opportunities for talented players ready to take the initiative and explore new avenues of success.

SEVENTEEN SPORTS plans to demonstrate the professional track of football; by providing cutting edge novelties in training, techniques, athletic practices, marketing and career development plans, to help players through the football career; in each step of their way; through skill building and fundamental development to establish a solid base on which we can build superb players; in addition to maximizing their full potential both on and off the field.

The SEVENTEEN SPORTS code of conduct is a formed of ethical guidelines for how we achieve our objectives, building on core values: focus, teamwork, passion and enthusiasm. The code takes the entire value chain of football into consideration.

At SEVENTEEN SPORTS; we seek for talented-players aiming to reach their full potential through learning and we support the professional level of our players by instilling the necessary qualities to accomplish any goal and overcome career challenges, through the integration of academic enrichment, football training, character development and marketing.